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Tag: rescue
Watch SA body boarding legend Andre Botha save the life of drowning pro surfer Evan Geiselman at Pipeline [VIDEO]
Posted by on Dec 8th, 2015

So a few days ago South African body boarding legend and world champion Andre Botha saved the life of pro surfer Evan Geiselman at Pipeline in Hawaii. The dramatic footage was captured on video and… Read More »

Dramatic rescue footage of concussed bodyboarder in big Cape Town waves [video]
Posted by on May 20th, 2014

Being caught between pretty decent sized waves is tough enough as is and many of you not-so-strong swimmers will remember the panic of getting tired and going nowhere while the next wave barrels towards you.… Read More »

Guy found stuck in a Porta Loo toilet bowl in Cape Town [wtf pic]
Posted by on May 14th, 2013

Think you had a crappy Monday…well you may wanna take that back and be grateful because i doubt it even comes close to how this chap must have felt after his ordeal over the weekend.… Read More »

Dylan rescues drowning teenager at Bakoven.
Posted by on Aug 31st, 2009

Dylan Joseph,who just celebrated his 32 birthday made it a memorable occasion by saving the life of a 14 year old who was knocked off the rocks at Bakoven beach on the weekend.His heroic actions… Read More »