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Tag: record
This guy just set a new record for highest cliff jump at 58m [video]
Posted by on Aug 19th, 2015

I don’t know about you, but the older i get the more afraid i get of heights so watching this video made my balls tingle proper. Think back to the heighest rock you’ve ever jumped… Read More »

This kid just set a new record for solving a Rubik’s Cube…in 5.25 sec [video]
Posted by on Apr 28th, 2015

When was the last time you solved a Rubik’s Cube? And no it doesn’t count if you remove the stickers. For most people the Rubik’s Cube is an ongoing battle in frustration and ends with… Read More »

World’s highest flying push-up will blow your mind [video]
Posted by on Nov 11th, 2013

So a lot of you exercise junkies and crossfit loving people will no doubt know what a flying push up is…you know, a standard push up where your hands and feet leave the ground. It’s… Read More »

Watch Felix Baumgartner freefall at a speed of 862kph from 29km up for Red Bull Stratos [video]
Posted by on Jul 27th, 2012

Red Bull Stratos adventurer, Felix Baumgartner, has jumped out of a space capsule from an altitude of 29km and reached an outlandish freefall speed of 862 km/h. And this was only his test jump in… Read More »

Biggest great white shark in SA caught and tagged by Chris Fischer and Osearch team [pic]
Posted by on May 24th, 2012

A 5.1 meter great white shark has been caught and tagged in Struisbaai by Chris Fischer and his Osearch Research team. The shark is the biggest ever to be caught and tagged in South Africa.… Read More »

South African yellow diamond sells for a record R88 million
Posted by on Nov 16th, 2011

The Sun-Drop Diamond found in South Africa last year has set the record for the highest price ever paid for a yellow diamond at auction. The 110.3 carat stone (yes a shiny stone..think about it) sold for… Read More »

The 2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest..bleh.
Posted by on Jul 5th, 2010

If you had a rough weekend then you might wanna skip this video. Defending champ Joey Chestnut retained his title as the 2010 there are kids starving in Africa you prick Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating… Read More »

Graeme Smith denies Amla batting record?
Posted by on Feb 7th, 2010

Ok..i’m so stirring the sh*t here, but does anyone else think South African cricket captain Graeme Smith could have let Hashim Amla bat another couple  overs to give him the opportunity to score another 24 runs and… Read More »