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Tag: ps3
F1 2014 review and giveaway for Xbox 360 and PS3 [gaming]
Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2014

I’m not a big Formula 1 fan hey, but i do appreciate watching a race now and then. I know plenty of you love the sport though and if you’re also into gaming then you… Read More »

Giveaway – Call of Duty Ghosts Hardened Edition [Xbox 360 or PS3]
Posted by on Nov 11th, 2013 i normally do a review along with a giveaway, but today is an exception. I’m gonna throw out just a huge giveaway because it deserves to be in the spotlight all on it’s own… Read More »

Grand Theft Auto V trailer revealed [video]
Posted by on Nov 3rd, 2011

Ahhh..for those gamer kids out there the Grand Theft Auto franchise will bring back fond memories of bunny hopping your BMX in Miami, doing weights in the gym in  San Andreas or picking up hookers then… Read More »