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Tag: port elizabeth
SA road rage incident turns into daytime brawl [VIDEO]
Posted by on Dec 12th, 2016

Another day, another South African road rage incident fueled by racial tension turns violent. This time in PE where an argument in traffic escalated into a full-on brawl involving several people. According to the person… Read More »

Uber South Africa to introduce cash payment option this week
Posted by on May 23rd, 2016

As of Thursday (26 May) this week, Uber users in SA will have the option to pay for a ride in cash. Up until now Uber has only accepted credit card payments in South Africa,… Read More »

Who do you think put up this Danny Jordaan ANC billboard? [pic]
Posted by on Apr 14th, 2016

We are all familiar with those ‘Proudly brought to you by the ANC’ billboards that have popped up around South Africa, but a new one in Port Elizabeth is a bit of a mystery. At… Read More »

Watch a fleeing shoplifter get owned by a revolving door in South Africa [video]
Posted by on Oct 30th, 2015

Lovely example of instant karma at a mall in South Africa where a fleeing shoplifter got owned by a glass revolving door at a mall in Port Elizabeth. Enjoy our thief making a run for… Read More »

The Sunglass Hut R500 sale is back…starts Monday 23rd March [pic]
Posted by on Mar 20th, 2015

We all know that Sunglass Hut is the top sunglasses retailer in SA and what makes them even more awesome is the R500 sale they have every year. Yep…high end sunglasses starting at a bargain… Read More »

Amateur footage of the St Francis Bay fire [pics + video]
Posted by on Nov 11th, 2012

I don’t normally post anything on weekends, but so many people are asking about the massive fire in St Francis Bay that i’m adding this amateur footage and a few pics to show you the… Read More »

Nic Cage’s son gets stabbed by new SA wife with a bottle..issues Facebook divorce [pic]
Posted by on Jul 7th, 2011

Remember a couple of months of months back i told you that Nikki Williams, a girl from Port Elizabeth, married the son of actor Nicolas Cage…well the other day they both got arrested after a domestic… Read More »

"PINK" robbers get away!
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2009

Mark this one down in the dumbest criminals category. In Port Elizabeth(South Africa) yesterday 2 robbers who jumped a Group 4 security guard collecting money from a food joint.The robbers grabbed two cash boxes but dropped one… Read More »