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Parents…brace yourselves – Pick n Pay has launched Stikeez 2
Posted by on Oct 24th, 2016

If you have young kids in South Africa then prepare to get nagged until December because Pick n Pay is launching round two of their Stikeez promotion. Parents will be well aware of the chaos… Read More »

Only in South Africa – R39.95/kg for chicken with lemon and wait what!? [pic]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2016

And today’s proudly South African moment comes courtesy of a shop selling chicken with lemon for R39.95 per kg. Average price, but you can’t put a price on this glorious description. Sensational. No idea which… Read More »

This SA photograph was one of the Red Bull international photo competition 2016 winners [pic]
Posted by on Oct 3rd, 2016

There are hundreds of photography competitions around the world, but few receive better extreme sports entries than than the Red Bull Illume contest and the winners for 2016 are once again an outstanding collection of… Read More »

Someone please explain this Datsun ad in the Cape Times today [pic]
Posted by on Sep 28th, 2016

Earlier today we featured some very clever advertising and marketing with the #ElectionBurger campaign from RocoMamas HERE and to put things into perspective we have another ad doing the rounds, but for rather different reasons.… Read More »

Cape Town restaurant gets slammed for offensive chalkboard message [pic]
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2016

You’d think that in the social media age people would be a tad more aware of publically broadcasting anything remotely racist, sexist or offensive, but noooooooo they still put stuff out there and wonder why… Read More »

The greatest number plate a South African could see in Canada [PIC]
Posted by on Aug 26th, 2016

As most of you will know i’ve been in Canada for the past two weeks hence the lack of posts on, but i’m finally home and once the jetlag wears off things should be… Read More »

Full on tornado touches down in Johannesburg [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jul 26th, 2016

Extreme weather conditions occured across South Africa yesterday and overnight with severe flooding in Kwa-Zulu Natal, heavy snow in several areas and high winds and rain in Cape Town. Craziest video though came from north… Read More »

People of Sea Point #12 – couple spotted walking a cat on a leash on the promenade [pic]
Posted by on Jul 25th, 2016

Havn’t done a People of Sea Point post in a while, but I was running on the promenade yesterday and saw a woman with a cat on a leash that deserved to be added. It… Read More »

Nando’s newspaper ad takes a shot at SABC censorship [pic]
Posted by on Jul 8th, 2016

We all know Nando’s loves engaging in some guerrilla marketing with ads aimed at current events so it’s no surprise the recent censorship mess at the SABC got their attention. A tactical newspaper ad popped… Read More »

SA economist Chris Hart is getting slammed again for another controversial tweet [PIC]
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2016

Remember Chris Hart, the economist who quit his job at Standard Bank after he posted a controversial tweet that many deemed racist. He received serious criticism in January for tweeting “More than 25 years after… Read More »