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    WTF stock photo choice of the day goes to Times LIVE [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 21st, 2014

    Links to news stories posted on social media are normally accompanied by a relevant photo, but it doesn’t always go according to plan and the award today for wtf stock photo choice goes to Times… Read More »

    Unhappy FNB customer creates billboard calling them a Rotten Bank [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 19th, 2014

    Last week an unhappy Cell C customer made headlines after creating a huge billboard sized banner calling them ‘the most useless service provider in SA’ and it seems like he may have gotten the idea… Read More »

    Hey look…someone found a dead frog in their Woolies salad [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 18th, 2014

    Yes i know it’s a few days old this story, but i’m throwing it in because people are still croaking on about it. Woolworths is already taking heat with the whole boycotting drama so this… Read More »

    Your weekend instructions #71 [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 14th, 2014

    Ah it’s Friday and time for your weekend instructions so listen up. A couple of weeks ago i told you HERE to just accept that some things are out of your control and you must… Read More »

    And here’s the Kim Kardashian full frontal nude from Paper magazine [NSFW pic]
    Posted by on Nov 13th, 2014

    So yesterday, Kim Kardashian broke the internet by sitting on it when Paper magazine released an image of her naked from behind. Her oiled up buttcheeks even overshadowed the historical moment when humans managed to… Read More »

    Cell C customer creates billboard sized banner calling them ‘the most useless service provider in SA’ [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 7th, 2014

    Ya hey…most people that have issues with their mobile provider take to social media to complain and hopefully get their attention so the issue gets resolved or escalated, but an unhappy Cell C customer has… Read More »

    WhatsApp will now tell you when your message has been read with two blue ticks [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 6th, 2014

    Ah yes, we’ve been through this before HERE when i told you way back that two ticks next to your WhatsApp message does NOT mean the person read your message…it simply means that your message… Read More »

    NASA contracted rocket explodes moments after launch [video]
    Posted by on Oct 29th, 2014

    Houston we have a problem… An unmanned rocket carrying food and other supplies to the space station didn’t make it very far yesterday before exploding into a massive fireball. The Orbital Sciences rocket contracted by… Read More »

    Daddy Digs It: The Suitsy… a onesie disguised as a full-on business suit [pic]
    Posted by on Oct 28th, 2014

    We all know about the comforts of a onesie hey…the one piece jumpsuit you can slip into at home and look silly, but stay warm and comfortable. You’d never wear one out in public (unless… Read More »

    And in other news…here’s a guy walking his huge pet pig in Camps Bay [pic]
    Posted by on Oct 27th, 2014

    Ya hey..weve previously seen someone walk a small pig on the Sea Point promenade HERE, but this chap was spotted in Camps Bay over the weekend taking his not-so-little pet for a stroll. Ok then.… Read More »