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Tag: pic of the day
Bull 1 Matador 0 – Bullfighter gets a horn right in his bum hole [pic]
Posted by on Jun 25th, 2013

It’s a slow day on the interwebs so i’m throwing in this picture of the day. While i’m 100% against cruelty to animals i’m not gonna get into the whole debate about the Spanish and… Read More »

Your Weekend Instructions #59 [pic]
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2012

Sorry bout the lack of posts today folks had some admin issues involving a lost wallet and cellphone. Got another two meetings this afternoon so i reckon this is the last post for the day… Read More »

Seriously…what in the hell kind of mushroom cloud is this over Beijing [pic + video]
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2012

They say it’s due to farmers in Beijing burning straw, but if i saw a mushroom cloud over Cape Town that looked like this i’m calling bullsh*t. Whatever it’s from, it’s enough to crack the… Read More »

The fire demon: by far the best pic of the solar eclipse i’ve seen today [pic]
Posted by on May 21st, 2012

Just posted a pic on Twitter and felt it is worthy of a pic-of-the-day post all on it’s own. As you may be aware. Last night in the northern hemisphere there was a full solar… Read More »

Awesome Sister Of The Year award goes to…[pics]
Posted by on Jan 12th, 2012

Yesterday i posted the awesome new Wimpy Braille Burger ad that gave me the warm and fuzzies HERE and i just stumbled across another series of pictures that i thought is doing an awesome job… Read More »

Your Weekend Instructions #39
Posted by on Sep 9th, 2011

Ya..been rather pre-occupied today, but not to worry i still have your weekend intructions right here. And for a change i’m gonna throw some romantic advice your way and tell you that this weekend your… Read More »

A drunk, naked Sarah Jessica Parker photographed stuck in a tree in Sweden [pic]
Posted by on Sep 8th, 2011

For shame, SJP….for shame. As far as embarrassing moose moments go this one is right up there i guess. All the other moose in a Swedish town are shaking their heads at SJP after she got… Read More »

Pic Of The Day: cool Facebook album art [pic]
Posted by on Aug 26th, 2011

An hour ago my talented photographer mate Misha uploaded a new album to Facebook and i reckon it’s worth sharing with you folks. He used several individual pics to create a single album image. The confines… Read More »

Incredible photo of huge wave at Dungeons in Hout Bay over the weekend [pic]
Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2011

Remember i told you last week that a monster storm HERE was gonna hit Cape Town over the weekend and that it would result in some epic big waves. Well Dungeons in Hout Bay delivered. Oh… Read More »

Pic Of The Day belongs to this Haitian girl [pic]
Posted by on Aug 3rd, 2011

Been a while since i’ve actually added a Pic Of the Day that deserved it’s own post, but this amazing image did the rounds on the interwebs yesterday and i thought i’d share it. Don’t know the… Read More »