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Tag: outcry
They are cutting down the pine trees in Tokai forest from today
Posted by on Aug 30th, 2016

As of today pine trees in the lower Tokai plantation as well as Cecelia plantation will be harvested for timber. The lower plantation is the one most used for recreational purposes, but the area is… Read More »

And worst Black Friday marketing goes to this clothing brand and their ‘Rape Us Now’ offer [pic]
Posted by on Dec 3rd, 2015

There are brand fails and then there are next level brand fails like this Singapore online clothing company who did very badly with their Black Friday sales marketing. SuperGurl fashion has apologised after it caused… Read More »

Female hunter posing with giraffe shot in SA causes new outcry [pic]
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2015

Ya hey…you’d have thought that the hammering Walter Palmer recieved after shooting Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe would have deterred other hunters from putting their kills online, but apparently American huntress Sabrina Corgatelli didn’t get… Read More »

Controversy as deputy head boy of top Jewish school poses with Palestinian scarf opposing human rights violations [pic]
Posted by on Aug 11th, 2014

An online petition calling for the removal of Joshua Broomberg, the deputy headboy of King David Victory Park School in Johannesburg, has already recieved over a thousand signatures after a photo of him wearing a… Read More »

Grazia SA magazine’s question to readers about ‘what makes a girl a slut?’ is not going so well [pic]
Posted by on Jul 17th, 2014

Someone at Grazia SA has some splainin to do this morning after a Tweet and Facebook post yesterday is getting slammed as offensive, insensitive, shameful and a whole bunch of other things no publication ever… Read More »

Cape Town designer claims Woolworths stole her hummingbird design idea [comparison pics]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2013

SA retail giant, Woolworths, is once again at the recieving end of allegations that it ripped off the idea of a Cape Town designer. Needless to say users of local social media sites lost their… Read More »

Pistorius trial postponed to August 19…on Reeva Steenkamp’s birthday
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2013

So as expected the pre-trial of Oscar Pistorius didn’t last very long this morning and  the murder case was postponed till August 19 later this year. Nothing out of the ordinary with that, oh wait….that… Read More »

SABC footage of Zuma and the ANC visiting Mandela causes public outrage [video]
Posted by on Apr 30th, 2013

Just yesterday i wrote a rare political post directed at the ANC and DA about their childish poster war HERE and my second last line was “Leave Mandela and his legacy out of it and… Read More »

Instagram can now use your pics in ads without your consent or payment
Posted by on Dec 18th, 2012

The new Instagram terms of service has resulted in a massive outcry since it states that the photo application can now use your photo’s in advertisements without the photographers permission and without payment. Hipsters around… Read More »

Virgin Mobile Xmas ad FAIL slammed by Richard Branson [pic]
Posted by on Dec 10th, 2012

Virgin Mobile in the US has removed a Christmas ad after dozens complained that it made a reference to sexual assault. The ad was quickly removed and led to Virgin boss Richard Branson releasing a… Read More »