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Video of man punching a kangeroo in the face to save a dog goes viral [video]
Posted by on Dec 5th, 2016

The origins of the video are unclear, but it did the rounds over the weekend so if you havn’t seen the video of the Australian man punching an kangeroo in the face to save a… Read More »

Kim Kardashian is trying to break the internet again with this naked selfie [pic]
Posted by on Mar 7th, 2016

Your Monday morning useless celebrity gossip today is brought to you by Kim Kardashian who is once again trying to break the interwebs by posting a naked selfie to her Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier.… Read More »

The Whisky Guy reviews – Scottish Leader Signature blended Scotch whisky
Posted by on Jan 15th, 2015

Havn’t done a whisky review in a while and there are a few i need to get through so let’s kick 2015 off with some Scottish Leader blended Scotch whisky hey. They have the Original… Read More »

The official People Are Awesome 2013 video is the best thing you’ll watch today [video]
Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2013

Yep…the best thing you will watch this week probably. It’s Wednesday and the unofficial guy day on Life is Savage, but this video will appeal to the ladies as well and will inspire all of… Read More »

Watch this parody of Die Antwoord: Enter The Ginger [video]
Posted by on Jan 26th, 2012

Most parody videos are useless attempts, but how’s this Australian chap, Nib Oswald, who went all out to replicate Die Antwoord’s Enter The Ninja music video and did a pretty decent job of copying the… Read More »

Original Supermodels still got game…
Posted by on Nov 24th, 2009

I was gonna post something about the recent Victoria’s Secret show and their stable of ponies that recently galloped down the runway then i changed my mind and was gonna throw some Pirelli Calender 2010 photo’s… Read More »