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Tag: nazi
Man United’s Bastian Schweinsteiger not happy about Nazi toy soldier called Bastian that looks identical to him [pic]
Posted by on Oct 23rd, 2015

German soccer star, Bastian Schweinsteiger who joined Manchester United this season is not a happy chap after a Chinese toy company made a Nazi toy soldier called Bastian. Not only that…the toy looks identical to… Read More »

Greek footballer banned for life for nazi salute…says he was just pointing to friend in the crowd [pic]
Posted by on Mar 18th, 2013

Ya…whatever pal. Greek footballer, Giorgos Katidis, has been banned from all Greek national teams for life after he appeared to make a nazi salute on the pitch after scoring the winning goal in his teams… Read More »

Australia removes "racist" cookie from shops
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2009

Ozzies are taking things a bit far. Again. A cookie called ” Creole Creams” has been deemed “racist” and has been removed from shelves. The biscuit looks like a slightly less dark version of Oreo… Read More »

PlayStation 3 new advertising campaign
Posted by on Sep 30th, 2009

I dont have a PlayStation 3 ( heads up..ill send you guys an address soon) but these new ads have cropped up and i must say they are pretty original. Some people have seen the brilliance… Read More »