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You won’t believe how much this 20yr old Brazilian girl looks like Megan Fox [pics]
Posted by on Aug 21st, 2015

Ok so Megan Fox has been in the news this week because after 11 years she has seperated from husband Brian Austin Green. I’ve always had a soft spot for Megan Fox and when searching… Read More »

The new Megan Fox Emporio Armani commercial [FULL VERSION]
Posted by on Mar 4th, 2011

Remember last week when i bitched and moaned about the “teaser trailer”….that trailer about a trailer crap. It was about the Megan Fox commercial that consisted of a couple of flashes and f**kall actual footage. Well they… Read More »

Megan Fox has a new Armani underwear commercial [video]
Posted by on Feb 25th, 2011

Can you believe this…twice in a row i got suckered by a teaser trailer (see previous post) . This new trend of releasing a “teaser” video before the actual video comes out is as annoying… Read More »

Megan Fox still got game [pic]
Posted by on Jan 21st, 2011

There was a time when Megan Fox dominated pretty much every website and media publication, but then she made some kak movies and got married and we havn’t heard from her in a while. But… Read More »

Megan Fox for Armani 2010..first look
Posted by on Jan 12th, 2010

Emporio Armani revealed the first pics of Megan Fox working it for their new Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The new ad campaigns will feature Meg Fox as the new model for their Womens Underwear (as if… Read More »

Megan Fox is the new Armani underwear model
Posted by on Oct 15th, 2009

Did you see you this one coming? No-brainer material right here folks. Victoria “feed me” Beckham is being replace by Meg Fox as the new 2010 spokesmodel for  Emporio Armani Underwear and Jeans. Foxy must… Read More »

Megan Fox wants to say have a great week..
Posted by on Aug 31st, 2009

What a shitty boring uneventful week we had last week on the internets.. so Life is Savage decided that we should let Foxy give some motivational thoughts about the week ahead: “Aye, fight and you… Read More »

Meg Fox as Superwoman
Posted by on Aug 21st, 2009

Since its Friday  you may be excited that the weekend is here but are not sure what to do because of the crappy weather(in Cape Town at least) i thought i’d help you out a little… Read More »

Did you boycott Megan Fox today??
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2009

Not anymore if you looking at this post(schneaky huh!)….Some silly people said earlier in the week that because of the Megan Fox overexposure they would nominate August 4th a blackout day(HERE) against any images or… Read More »

Boycott Megan Fox Day…4th August..whatever..
Posted by on Jul 31st, 2009

A handful of websites geared towards men have declared August 4th a Megan Fox blackout day.Sites like Ask Men , Just A Guy Thing and  have stated that there is a media overload of Fox… Read More »