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The real unedited Lance Armstrong interview Oprah hid from the public [video]
Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2013

We’ve all seen the footage from the much talked about Oprah interview with Lance Amstrong. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched last week as Lance admitted to using banned substances, but there’s… Read More »

Oprah’s first question to Lance Armstrong: Did you take banned sustances? His answer? Yes. [video]
Posted by on Jan 18th, 2013

The much talked about Oprah Winfrey interview with Lance Armstrong is currently on the go and surprise surprise…he didn’t wear yellow. Also the very first question Oprah asked him was “Did you ever take banned… Read More »

Watch Oprah confirm that Lance Armstrong admitted using banned substances [video]
Posted by on Jan 17th, 2013

Ya was all supposed to be hush hush till the actual interview between Oprah and Lance Armstrong airs in the US, but already several sources have confirmed that the former cycling legend admitted in… Read More »

Lance Armstrong critisised for posting THIS image on Twitter [pic]
Posted by on Nov 12th, 2012

The useless Monday morning celebrity gossip today comes courtesy of former cycling legend Lance Armstrong who over the weekend received widespread critisism for sending out this not-a-f**k-was-given pic on Twitter. Armstrong who was banned for… Read More »

ICU confirms lifetime ban for Lance Armstrong strips him of his seven Tour de France titles
Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2012

Breaking news: The International Cycling Union, cycling’s governing body, has ratified the findings of the US Anti-doping Agency and confirmed that Lance Armstrong has been banned for life and have stripped him of his seven… Read More »

Nike has just dropped Lance Armstrong [statement]
Posted by on Oct 17th, 2012

Nike released a statement just now and said it has terminated it’s contract with Lance Armstrong. Minutes before the announcement from Nike, Lance Armstrong announced he was stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer-fighting… Read More »

USADA report – Lance Armstrong involved in most successful doping program that sport has ever seen
Posted by on Oct 11th, 2012

The US Anti-Doping Agency has released a statement about the Lance Armstrong doping investigation and things don’t look very rosy for Lance in their 1000 page report. Especially this sentence in the opening paragraph of… Read More »

Lance Armstrong gives up..USADA set to ban him for life and strip all 7 Tour de France titles
Posted by on Aug 24th, 2012

It’s a sad day when one of the greatest athletes in sporting history is likely facing a lifetime ban and being stripped of arguably one of the most outstanding sporting achievements of all time. Lance… Read More »

Judge hands out lifetime ban for Lance Armstrong associates
Posted by on Jul 11th, 2012

Not time yet for Lance to hand over his seven Tour De France gold medals, but he may start thinking about taking them out of the trophy cabinet and reminiscing about the good ol days… Read More »

Lance Armstrong cheated say his former teammates…testify that he used drugs
Posted by on Jul 5th, 2012

Yoh..yesterday my mate Chad did backflips because Justin Bieber is coming to tour SA and today comes the news that one of his sporting idols is in the deep kak. Former teammates have reportedly testified… Read More »