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Try Google’s new AI drawing game to see if it can recognise a penis [pic]
Posted by on Nov 16th, 2016

Ok so Google is in the news because it is making a big push towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. It announced yesterday that it would be conducting several online experiments to test the AI… Read More »

Google Zeitgeist 2015 released – the year’s most searched topics [VIDEO]
Posted by on Dec 17th, 2015

At the end of every year search giant Google releases compilation of the most searched topics of the year. Basically a highlights reel of the most searched moments, people and significant stories. They also release… Read More »

The Muslim kid from Texas arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school got offers from Obama and Facebook [pics]
Posted by on Sep 17th, 2015

The Muslim teenager who made headlines yesterday after being arrested when he brought a homemade clock to school to show his teachers has again hit the headlines today after getting offers from the White House,… Read More »

Picking Up Stompies: Long Weekend Edition 11/08/2015
Posted by on Aug 11th, 2015

EFF members dismantled and set alight a tent used by controversial “snake pastor”. The political party had wanted to force the pastor to eat rodents and snakes [News24] Shocking Johannesburg school corruption charges against ex-principal… Read More »

Google founders just made R49 billion each in a single day
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2015

There’s making money and then there’s making R49 billion in a single day. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page each added $4 billion to their individual fortunes in a day after Google posted a… Read More »

Heartbleed bug security flaw – internet urged to change passwords now for Facebook, Google and more [list]
Posted by on Apr 10th, 2014

Experts are calling the Heartbleed bug the biggest security threat the internet has ever seen and several major websites have urged users to change passwords…like change them right now. You could already be affected since… Read More »

PSA: this Google tool compares any two foods and their nutritional breakdown [pic]
Posted by on Mar 25th, 2014

I know many of you folks are health conscious and if you’re like me and often faced with the dilemma of deciding between rum or beer then worry no more because today i learned that… Read More »

Google releases Zeitgeist 2013 – the world’s most popular searches [video]
Posted by on Dec 18th, 2013

It’s that time of the year when all the ‘best of 2013′ videos start being released and one of the most anticipitated is the annual Google Zeitgeist one…a compilation of what the world searched for… Read More »

The future of advertising – Google just got a patent for Pay-Per-Gaze
Posted by on Aug 16th, 2013

A glimpse into the future of advertising was revealed a few days ago when Google was granted the patent for pay-per-gaze technology. Advertisers will all be familiar with paying for ads via cost per click… Read More »

Official NSA slide from PRISM programme showing how crazy U.S. electronic surveillance is [pic]
Posted by on Jun 10th, 2013

Right…not sure if you’re aware, but last week a top secret US government surveillance programme, PRISM, was leaked to the media. The whistleblower, 29 year old Edward Snowden, has blown he lid off how the… Read More »