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Tag: go pro
A kayaker filmed himself amoungst all those whales in Cape Town recently [video]
Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2016

Remember that huge pod of whales just off the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town last weekend. Spectacular drone footage HERE captured the pod of more than 60 whales migrating past our shores and new footage… Read More »

Watch this SA fisherman get knocked off his kayak by a shark [video]
Posted by on Mar 30th, 2016

Everyone knows that feeling you get when your foot touches something underwater and it moves, but imagine the panic of being out in the ocean on a kayak and being knocked into the water by… Read More »

Cape cyclist captures armed robber stealing his bike and belongings on his GoPro [video]
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2014

It’s pretty standard nowadays for cyclists and in particular mountin bikers to have a GoPro filming their riding sessions and it provides for awesome footage of scenery and dramatic tricks or crashes. But only in… Read More »

Humans Are Awesome – the GoPro tribute [video]
Posted by on Jun 28th, 2013

It’s Friday and what better way to start your day and run up into the weekend by watching this video of humans being awesome. And since it’s the GoPro tribute version you can expect some… Read More »

Crazy footage of female free diver grabbing a Great White shark and going for a ride [video]
Posted by on Feb 18th, 2013

Normally i’d say you’d need balls of steel to swim with Great White sharks outside of a protected metal cage, but that isn’t exactly applicable in this case since the person in question is the… Read More »

This insane mountain biking Go Pro video will make your balls tingle [video]
Posted by on Mar 16th, 2012

A couple of weeks back i posted a headcam view of a mountain biker hurtling down steps and through the narrow streets of a small village and i said it required balls of steel. Well… Read More »

Watch this insane headcam view of a dude doing extreme urban biking [video]
Posted by on Feb 23rd, 2012

I remember back when i was a laaitie and i thought  was the sh*t on my BMX riding down the driveway and ramping into some bushes. Nobody else in my neighbourhood came even close to… Read More »

Watch the HBO footage of Jeb Corliss crashing into Table Mountain [HD video]
Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2012

Update: new footage of the crash from all angles at end of post. So remember a few weeks ago i told you famous wingsuit base jumper Jeb Corliss crashed on Table Mountain. Well back then… Read More »

What it feels like flying down a mountain at 250km/h in a wingsuit [video]
Posted by on Dec 14th, 2011

You’ve all seen those video’s of guys flying around in a wingsuit, but this one is tad different because for one the scenery is spectacular and second the dude clocks 250km/h. All kinds of awesome.… Read More »

SA rally biker saves drowning calf…cue worldwide viral fame [video]
Posted by on Oct 25th, 2011

A couple of weeks back that video of the South African mountain biker getting hit by a wild buck while cycling HERE made international news and now another SA video is set to go viral.… Read More »