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    Heartwarming footage of Brazilian soccer stars embracing young SA pitch invader [video]
    Posted by on Mar 6th, 2014

    This will hit you right in the feels. A young South African boy who ran onto the field after Brazil beat South Africa 5-0 last night has become internet famous after security tried to remove… Read More »

    Puma drops Bafana Bafana sponsorship over match fixing allegations
    Posted by on Oct 17th, 2013

    Ya hey..not a good sign when your clothing sponsor drops their sponsorship deal because of match-fixing claims hey. Well that’s exactly what happened today when Puma announced they will no longer be sponsoring the SA… Read More »

    The most DRAMATIC soccer referee ever will make you smile [video]
    Posted by on Oct 9th, 2013

    See what i did there in the title…put DRAMATIC all in capital letters because well it’s dramatic. Whatever, don’t judge me. Here’s a video that will make you smile whether you’re a soccer fan or… Read More »

    Watch David Attenborough narrate an organised hooligan street brawl [video]
    Posted by on Jul 15th, 2013

    So last week i saw a video of an organised street brawl between two soccer club supporter groups in Sweden and Denmark, but didn’t post it because..well it’s rather graphic. Amazing though that no weapons… Read More »

    FIFA dock Ethopia 3 points – Bafana Bafana now have chance to qualify for World Cup 2014
    Posted by on Jul 1st, 2013

    I said a few weeks back that Bafana Bafana’s World Cup 2014 hopes are not completely lost and that they still had a slim chance to qualify HERE. It was a long shot, but FIFA… Read More »

    2 year old scores goal at Chelsea stadium – fans go crazy [video]
    Posted by on May 22nd, 2013

    This is what the internet was made for. Scratch this down as one of those videos that will make your life a happier place. You can’t help but smile at little 2 year old Josh… Read More »

    Sepp Blatter Twitter account hacked or is he just being brutally honest? [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2013

    FIFA president Sepp Blatter either had his Twitter account hacked or he has lost his sh*t and being brutally honest. The FifaWorldCup account may also be hacked since it said it claims Blatter has stepped… Read More »

    Watch the Luis Suarez biting incident [video]
    Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2013

    So Luis ‘Hannibal’ Suarez this weekend decideded he would like to know what Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic tastes like so he helped himself to a mouthful with an entire stadium and millions around the world… Read More »

    Greek footballer banned for life for nazi salute…says he was just pointing to friend in the crowd [pic]
    Posted by on Mar 18th, 2013

    Ya…whatever pal. Greek footballer, Giorgos Katidis, has been banned from all Greek national teams for life after he appeared to make a nazi salute on the pitch after scoring the winning goal in his teams… Read More »

    Watch SuperSport United player score a spectacular goal from his own half [video]
    Posted by on Mar 11th, 2013

    Don’t often post soccer news, especially on the local scene, but this is definitely worthy of a look hey. SuperSport United played Mamelodi Sundows over the weekend and the game was scoreless until the 88th minute… Read More »