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    Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 27/01/2013
    Posted by on Jan 28th, 2013

    FNB  take out new full page ad (above) in four national newspapers in response to the ANC having a frothy about their ‘You Can Help’ campaign [mybroadband] 233 people die in Brazil nighclub fire after a… Read More »

    ANC says the new FNB ad is an act of treason and undermines democracy [video]
    Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2013

    The ANC, ANCYL and the SACP are taking away attention from actual government corruption and fraud accusing First National Bank (FNB) of being treacherous and undermining government because of a new series of ads the… Read More »

    Nedbank takes some cheap shots at FNB with new ad [video]
    Posted by on Jun 28th, 2012

    Remember earlier this year when  Standard Bank tried to take on FNB via Twitter and had their attempt  backfire when folks in support of FNB pretty much handed Standard Bank a public ass-whiping. Now it… Read More »