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Tag: filmed
People of Sea Point #7 – fully naked guy walking on Beach Rd [NSFW pic + video]
Posted by on Apr 2nd, 2013

Ya hey…we all know Sea Point, Cape Town is home to some out-there folks and i even dedicated a new blog category last year to those very people of Sea Point. It’s been a while… Read More »

Crazy footage of skateboarder hitting a deer at 40 mph [video]
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2012

Remember that insane video last year of the SA mountain biker getting hit a wildebeest HERE…well this footage captured recently is not as dramatic, but pretty crazy anyway. Bunch of guys were racing downhill on… Read More »

Ukrainian politicians mass brawl during parliamentary session…again [video]
Posted by on May 25th, 2012

Politicians in the Ukraine don’t beat about the bush when it comes to political debates hey. While SA leaders are arguing over a penis painting and racist models the government of Ukraine is sorting things… Read More »