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    Possibly the worst punch thrown in the history of cheap shots [video]
    Posted by on Jul 20th, 2015

    Ahhhh picture the scene…you’re in a street fight with several people and you line up the guy you want to nail with a left hook. You’re kind of a dick so you go for the… Read More »

    CNN thought this dildo and buttplug flag was an ISIS flag [video]
    Posted by on Jun 28th, 2015

    I rarely post stuff on weekends, but making an exception today because last night CNN delivered probably the best bit of exclusive news reporting of the year. At a London gay pride parade a news… Read More »

    The English women’s soccer team banner fail is glorious [pic]
    Posted by on Jun 26th, 2015

    Childish post of the day comes courtesy of this English women’s soccer team banner in the Fifa Women’s World Cup currently on the go in Canada. The ladies from England are playing hosts Canada in… Read More »

    Recovered alcoholic PJ Powers not happy with TOPS liquor store allegedly using her name to market booze
    Posted by on Jun 22nd, 2015

    Marketing fail of the day belongs to a TOPS liquor store who clearly didn’t think things through for a marketing campaign using the words ‘PJ POWERS‘ to promote the sale of alcohol. You see PJ… Read More »

    Filipino divers score 0.0 at the Southeast Asian Games with these majectic dives [video]
    Posted by on Jun 12th, 2015

    Sensational fail of the day belongs to two divers from the Philippines who competed in the Southeast Asian Games where they both recieved a score of 0.0 from all the judges for their attempts. Authorities… Read More »

    The FAIL compilation for May 2015 is here [video]
    Posted by on Jun 11th, 2015

    Forgot to post this yesterday so here…6 min of people failing during the month of May 2015. I’m told that a new fail compilation from Twisternederland might be out at the end of June, but… Read More »

    Fifa ex-VP Jack Warner cited The Onion in his defence against corruption charges [VIDEO]
    Posted by on Jun 1st, 2015

    Fail of the day goes to Fifa ex-vice president, Jack Warner, who is at the centre of corruption charges involving top level football officials. If he wasn’t already having a kak time then he is… Read More »

    Self-braking demo fails badly as Volvo hits volunteer [video]
    Posted by on May 27th, 2015

    Cars are getting smarter by the day and we’ve already got self-parking cars, in-car internet, automatic switch off/on at traffic lights and even self-driving cars. There’s also auto-braking where cars automatically stop when they detect… Read More »

    Guy Instagrams himself robbing bank of R1.8 million, gets caught in 20 min [video]
    Posted by on May 8th, 2015

    And just like that we have a new leader in the race for dumbass of the year. Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca clearly missed the class where they explained the first rule of robbing a bank…don’t film… Read More »

    The FAIL compilation for March 2015 is here [video]
    Posted by on Apr 29th, 2015

    Havn’t had a fail complation in a while and i actually think the site i normally used doesn’t make them anymore so gonna try a different one. So here’s a a fail compilation for the… Read More »