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Tag: explosion
Emirates plane explodes on Dubai airport runway [videos]
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2016

An Emirates passenger plane crash-landed and exploded on the runway of Dubai International Airport yesterday. One firefighter died and all 282 passengers were evacuated with only a few minor injuries reported. Click below to play… Read More »

Thousands in California think this massive blue light is a UFO [video+pics]
Posted by on Nov 9th, 2015

While Cape Town just had UFO shaped clouds over Table Mountain HERE on the weekend, the folks in Los Angeles and other parts of California had way more reason to freak out when a massive… Read More »

More incredible amateur footage of the Tianjin explosions in China [video]
Posted by on Aug 14th, 2015

Yesterday i posted several amateur videos of the massive explosions at a Chinese dangerous goods warehouse in the port city of Tianjin. The deathtoll from the devasting blast has reached over 50 with hundreds injured… Read More »

Amateur footage of massive explosions in China at a dangerous goods warehouse [video]
Posted by on Aug 13th, 2015

At least 17 people have been killed and hundreds injured after massive explosions occured at a dangerous goods warehouse in the Chinese port city of Tianjin. The warehouse caught fire around midnight and a shipment… Read More »

Massive explosion at Chinese petrol plant captured on film [video]
Posted by on Jul 17th, 2015

130 firefighters battled a massive blaze in China yesterday after an explosion at a petrochemical plant in the city of Rizhao, in Shandong province. The explosion was captured on video from several locations. Here’s footage.… Read More »

Dash-cam video captures house disintegrate after gas leak explosion [video]
Posted by on Feb 25th, 2015

Thinking about switching over to gas what with Eskom loadshedding messing with your electricity needs? Well you may want to rethink that after watching this dash-cam footage in New jearsey where a gas leak explosion… Read More »

NASA contracted rocket explodes moments after launch [video]
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2014

Houston we have a problem… An unmanned rocket carrying food and other supplies to the space station didn’t make it very far yesterday before exploding into a massive fireball. The Orbital Sciences rocket contracted by… Read More »

Couple film volcano erupting including footage of shockwave and sonic boom [video]
Posted by on Sep 8th, 2014

Not every day you get to see a volcano erupting, let alone capture amateur footage of the giant explosion followed by the shockwave and sonic boom. But that’s exactly what Ozzie couple, Linda and Philip… Read More »

Athlone Cooling Towers implode [first pics]
Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2010

I use to drive past the now imploded Athlone Cooling Towers in Cape Town all the time back when i was a kid. Good times. And now they are gone. Just like that. If you… Read More »