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Tag: drone
Amazing drone footage of the huge pod of whales along the Atlantic Seaboard [video]
Posted by on Nov 28th, 2016

If you anywhere along the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town over the weekend the you would no doubt have seen people pointing toward the ocean. Numerous sightings of whales were posted across social media on… Read More »

Angry husband uses a drone to catch his wife of 18 years cheat on him [video]
Posted by on Nov 16th, 2016

Everyday people find new ways to use drones to capture footage that was impossible a few years ago and the latest is a guy in the US who filmed his wife of 18 years cheat… Read More »

Very cool drone video of Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2015

It was posted on Youtube at the end of September, but i only watched it today and it deserves a post. Some very cool drone footage of Cape Town and some of it’s more popular… Read More »

This drone footage of Afrikaburn 2015 is amazing [video]
Posted by on May 13th, 2015

I have never been to Afrikaburn, but watching this video made me wanna go next year. I’ve gone through several photo galleries and heard dozens of people say how amazing Afrikaburn 2015 was and this… Read More »

This supercharged drone moves at ridiculous speed [video]
Posted by on Apr 30th, 2015

I’m not a drone guy hey, but watched this video none-the-less and my first reaction was ‘oh please…how fast can it really be?’ Then 7 seconds in ‘Holy craaaaaaappppppp’. I’m not clued up in the… Read More »

Here’s drone footage of the damage caused by the devastating Cape Town fires [video]
Posted by on Mar 4th, 2015

When the devastating fires started in Cape Town a few days ago i asked on social media if anyone has drone footage and the replies were a very obvious “it’s too windy to fly and… Read More »