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Tag: Denmark
Denmark stores removing SA wine after documentary about slavery at top Cape wine farms
Posted by on Oct 24th, 2016

The sale of South African wines in Denmark has taken a knock after some Danish retailers removed wine produced at some of SA’s top wine farms because of a documentary that aired there last week.… Read More »

Meet the latest Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver [pic]
Posted by on Mar 9th, 2016

Been ages since a ‘who’s that girl??’ post appeared on Life is Savage, but it is Wednesday so i’m throwing this in today. Up until now there have only been 15 official Victoria’s Secret Angels… Read More »

‘Do it for mom’…Denmark’s latest ad encouraging citizens to have more sex [video]
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2015

Did you know Denmark has such a low birth rate that the government has to run ads to encourage it’s citizens to have have kids? They have tried several approaches and still there are not… Read More »

Supermarket offers free groceries to naked people…100 pitch up [ NSFW video]
Posted by on Jun 25th, 2012

Some useless naked news to start your week off. A new supermarket in Denmark decided to launch it’s grand opening with an offer of free groceries if you arrived and shopped fully naked. 100 people pitched… Read More »

CRINGE ALERT: the unaired Fear Factor donkey semen drinking episode has surfaced online [video]
Posted by on Jun 11th, 2012 happened and yes you will cringe. Remember a while back they made a big deal about a Fear Factor episode that included contestants having to drink donkey semen and urine? Well it was never… Read More »

Game show contestant smelling ass in total darkness is funny
Posted by on Jan 31st, 2011’s Monday so here’s some toilet humour to brighten up your day. A new Danish reality show called Total Blackout has contestants doing tasks in complete darkness. Check out this video of a guy having to guess different… Read More »

Maybe the best commercial ever? Fleggaard nude skydive.
Posted by on Feb 5th, 2010

The internet is bone dry today, so in the spirit of Friday i’m rehashing some old sh*t and relying on old favourite: boobs…and lots of them..flapping in the wind. They are everywhere. This is a… Read More »

Climate change summit slightly hypocritical wouldn't you say?
Posted by on Dec 7th, 2009

As many of you treehugger types will know there is a major summit happening in Copenhagen that is dealing with climate change and the reduction of carbon emissions. Amongst the delegates and VIP’s in attendance… Read More »