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Tag: close up
Protesters and UFS rugby fans clash during Varsity Cup game [video]
Posted by on Feb 23rd, 2016

Violence erupted yesterday at the Varsity Cup rugby game between Shimlas and Madibaz at the University of Free State when protesters clashed with members of the crowd. The match was stopped when students and protesters… Read More »

Some teenager punched the Prime Minister of Spain hard in the face [video]
Posted by on Dec 18th, 2015

There are dumb things you can do as a teenager and then there is next level stupidity like punching a Prime Minister in the face. Some kid did just that though when he sucker punched… Read More »

Close-up footage of Rihanna gyrating on stage in Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Oct 17th, 2013

Right…plenty of mixed reactions to Rihanna’s performance in Cape Town last night with some folks saying it was amazing will others accused the singer of lip-syncing and now they want a Ririfund…see what i did… Read More »

Chelsea player kicks a ball boy…not really, but the little sh*t probably deserved it [video]
Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013

Ok so last night Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, got sent off for kicking a Swansea ball boy. Football headlines round the world will no doubt make it seem like he kicked the kid in the… Read More »

English fan tries to distract Italy during Euro 2012 penalty shootout…with his penis! [pic]
Posted by on Jun 26th, 2012

This definitely deserves the Pic Of The Day award. Currently doing the rounds on the internet, this pic of the penalty shootout between England and Italy during their quarter-final Euro 2012 clash on Sunday. Spot… Read More »