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Tag: cars
Watch a guy crash his R19 million Ferrari LaFerrari just after leaving the dealership [video]
Posted by on Nov 5th, 2015

Always a bummer when you damage your beloved car, but imagine the heartbreak if you wrecked it just after picking it up from the dealership. Then imagine it’s a R19 million Ferrari LaFerrari…one of only… Read More »

The BMW M4 GTS..a beast with the world’s first water-injected engine [pic]
Posted by on Oct 7th, 2015

Bro day wouldn’t be complete with an obligatory car post and today it comes from the folks at BMW who have revealed the M4 GTS powered by the world’s first water-injected engine. The GTS is… Read More »

Amazing photo of a male lion attacking a kudu inbetween cars at Kruger [pic]
Posted by on Jul 13th, 2015

Last week a photo of a great white shark in South Africa photobombing another great white midair did the rounds HERE and we may as well start off this Monday with another epic wildlife image…this… Read More »

Here’s the world’s first 3D-printed supercar that does 0-100kmph in 2 seconds [pic + video]
Posted by on Jun 26th, 2015

There are plenty of things you can 3D-print these days…from cups to toys to guns and even body parts. The technology has been successfully used in several industries providing components that are lighter, stronger and… Read More »

Possibly the best personalised number plate in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Aug 5th, 2014

There are a whole bunch of douche plates out there and i’ve posted a few of them spotted around Cape Town in the past, but maybe we are focussing too much on the crappy licence… Read More »

The new locally made Peugeot ad with a unexpected twist at the end [video]
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2014

Got sent a rad locally made ad earlier and i thought i may as well share it with you folks coz i thought it would appeal especially to those of you in relationships. Also to… Read More »

Ken Block shows off his incredible driving skills in Gymkhana 6 [video]
Posted by on Nov 12th, 2013

Petrolhead boner alert. Driving ace Ken Block has a new video out and this time he tears up an obstacle course in Gymkhana 6. Dude has some driving skills. But you knew that already right.… Read More »

Malema’s cars, properties and valuables taken to pay off tax debt
Posted by on Feb 4th, 2013

I think i can hear the fat lady singing. The South African Revenue Service has confirmed that sheriffs were instructed to take all Julius Malema’s movable and immovable assets and that they pounced on his… Read More »

Be one of 200 people who get to experience the new Ford Focus ST…on a racetrack
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2012

Some quick car news for you motoring fans out there. Pretty awesome little opportunity i picked up on last week. Ford are offering 200 people the chance to experience the all new Ford Focus ST…on… Read More »

Images of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL leaked in brochure [pic]
Posted by on Dec 14th, 2011

Been a while since Life is Savage has done a car post so here’s some news about the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL which is supposed to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in early January,… Read More »