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The BMW M4 GTS..a beast with the world’s first water-injected engine [pic]
Posted by on Oct 7th, 2015

Bro day wouldn’t be complete with an obligatory car post and today it comes from the folks at BMW who have revealed the M4 GTS powered by the world’s first water-injected engine. The GTS is… Read More »

Cape Town International Airport's new attraction..
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2009

Went to Cape Town International Airport last week to welcome home the baby momma from the Baby Chronicles and saw people crowding around taking pictures in the parking garage at the entrance to international arrivals/departures.Next… Read More »

Ad War between Ogilvy and Jupiter..
Posted by on Jul 4th, 2009

My favourite person in the advertising industry(yes Jeannie thats you) mentioned i should write something about the ongoing  rivalry between Ogilvy and Jupiter Drawing Room and their billboards at Cape Town International Airport.So i did… Read More »