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Tag: Beyonce
Beyoncé to play Saartjie Baartman in film about the life of famous South African Khoi woman
Posted by on Jan 4th, 2016

Singer Beyoncé is set to star in a film about the life of South Africa’s Saartjie Baartman, the Khoi woman who was exhibited as a freak show attraction in 19th-century Europe under the name Hottentot… Read More »

Apparently Beyonce fans are outraged she lip-synched the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration [video]
Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2013

And in other important US news…apparently music fans are having a frothy at the news that Beyonce lip-synched the American national anthem at Obama’s inauguration. The backing band revealed that she mimed her way through… Read More »

Watch Solange Knowles new music video filmed in Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2012

I’ll be honest and admit that up until this morning i had never heard a song from Solange Knowles before and all i know about her is that she is the younger sister of Beyoncé.… Read More »

Beyonce makes a fan sing…she has an orgasm instead [video]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2011

Here’s 15 seconds of goodness to start your Friday off properly. At a recent concert Beyonce was walking through the crowd and stopped to give an excited fan the microphone, but when the poor women opened her mouth this… Read More »

Did you see Beyonce’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards? [video]
Posted by on May 24th, 2011

Ok so music isn’t big here at Life is Savage and i’m definately not the greatest fan of Beyonce, but ive been hearing about her performance at this years Billboard Music Awards over the weekend… Read More »

Oprah’s final show ever ever.. [pic]
Posted by on May 19th, 2011

Since we already went with useless celebrity gossip in my last post  i’ll just keep going hey. Queen of talk Oprah Winfrey taped the final episode of the Oprah show  on Tuesday and every celebrity… Read More »

Kanye West does crazy at the 2009 VMA's
Posted by on Sep 14th, 2009

Seems like every show now needs a moment of drama that will undoubtedly end up on youtube and you never know whether its staged or not. But lets give Kan(t)ye the benefit of the doubt… Read More »