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Tag: baby chronicles
The Baby Chronicles: 3 months
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2010

So at 3 months old little baba awesome had finally got the hang of breast feeding and picked up some weight, hitting the scales at 5.740kg. He slept in a  basket next to to his… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 2 months
Posted by on Oct 19th, 2010

So its seems that folks were stoked that The Baby Chronicles are making a comeback so here’s some details of the first year of Baby Awesome’s life, starting with the time right after he was… Read More »

Baby Awesome is 1 year old today
Posted by on Oct 12th, 2010

The baba from The Baby Chronicles is 1yr old today. How quick did this year go hey. Some of you new readers won’t know who he is, but let me tell you…baby awesome is a… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 6 weeks old
Posted by on Nov 24th, 2009

Many of you have been asking what happened to the baby chronicles and its been 6 weeks since baby Dylan ( dad insists i refer to him as baby Awesome from now on) was born.… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 38 weeks 3 days
Posted by on Oct 11th, 2009

D-day. Dylan-day is 12 October. Tomorrow. Hectic. I just spoke to the mom and guess what she did this morning? At 7am this morning she did the 5 kilometer Gun Run (ok she walked but… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 36 weeks 4 days
Posted by on Sep 28th, 2009

Any day now! Hectic. Mom already has her hospital bag packed and i think its finally dawned on dad that things could get crazy at any moment from now on. Apparently mom is sleeping like… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 34 weeks 4 days
Posted by on Sep 14th, 2009

1 Month to go and the tension and anticipation is starting to make everyone excited (dad even got a call from Caprice’s Dave to find out when he should install the baby seat at the bar)! Could… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 26 weeks 5 days..
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2009

Momma takes the plane tomorrow night and arrives back in Cape Town on Thursday evening.Her trip to Canada went by so quickly and Dad is really happy that he gets to see her +1 again.Some baby… Read More »

23 weeks 4 days..The Baby Chronicles
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2009

My apologies for not updating the baby chronicles earlier but ive been waiting for the baby momma to send me pictures from their adventures in Canada.No major baby momma drama to talk about really and the… Read More »

Baby Chronicles..Baby Momma Drama!
Posted by on Jun 11th, 2009

21 weeks today..not actually some baby momma drama but one of my female friends  from the cape flats said i have to mention those words otherwise she will crush me with her boyfriend! As i mentioned last… Read More »