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Tag: babes
Who’s that girl?? – Nicole Naude [gallery]
Posted by on Aug 26th, 2015

Been a while since i’ve posted a who’s that girl??, but here’s one today and she’s from Cape Town. She’s done work for Jockey, Jeep, Mr Price, Mens Health, Womens Health and been on the… Read More »

Who’s that girl?? – Jenna Upton [gallery]
Posted by on Jun 26th, 2015

Missed the who’s that girl? post on Wednesday so here she is late on a Friday afternoon just before you head home from work and get stuck in traffic. She’s from Cape Town, has model… Read More »

Who’s that girl? – Kayla Kuyler [gallery]
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2015

The who’s that girl? for today was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, lives in Cape Town and now travels the world as one of South Africa’s top runway and high fashion models. You may have seen… Read More »

Who’s that girl?? – Derryn Lester [pics]
Posted by on Apr 17th, 2013

The who’s that girl?? for today is another South African model that i had no idea even existed till just yesterday. How she slipped under the radar i have no idea because much like last… Read More »

Who’s that girl?? – Olivia Garson [pics]
Posted by on Feb 28th, 2013

This weeks who’s that girl?? is from Cape Town and based in London and you may not have heard of her, but she is one of the most successful working models that come from SA.… Read More »

Who’s that girl?? – Viviane Kotzé [pics]
Posted by on Dec 5th, 2012

Not familiar with today’s who’s that girl??, but she lives in Cape Town and deserves to be recognised i think. Don’t know much about her except that she’s done some lingerie pics for Playtex and… Read More »

Who’s that girl?? – Lariza Ferreira [pics]
Posted by on Nov 8th, 2012

It’s not even 9am yet, but i may as well throw in the ‘who’s that girl??’ post i missed yesterday. Don’t know much about the origins of todays girl apart from the fact that she… Read More »