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New local app Wazupa connects people who love to eat with people who love to cook
Posted by on Oct 28th, 2016

On-demand food delivery apps are all the rage right now, but this new local one is making waves and if you’re an aspiring chef or think your cooking skills are good enough to turn it… Read More »

There’s a new app called Rumblr…like Tinder, but for people who want to fight
Posted by on Nov 10th, 2015

Think Tinder meets Fight Club…that’s pretty much what Rumblr is, a new app that lets users find and match with people they want to fight with. According to the makers it’s basically ‘an app for… Read More »

EskomSePush is the load shedding notification app you need [pic]
Posted by on Apr 21st, 2015

Ya hey…load shedding has become part of our daily lives now, as has checking the local schedule to see when your power will be cut. So it was a no brainer that someone would create… Read More »

Hey school kids…this genius new app solves math problems using your phone’s camera
Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2014

Remember the days when you could solve math problems like 5/6x – 3.9867 + 4x(x-7) = 99/x+1 ? Me neither, but a new app will make life a lot easier for school kids by just… Read More »

See which of your Facebook friends is using the Bang With Friends app [pic]
Posted by on May 16th, 2013

Ya hey…by now most of you will know about that discreet and anonymous Facebook app called Bang With Friends. Basically you sign up and pick which of your friends you wanna bang. Nobody will see… Read More »

Vinepeek lets you see all Vine videos continually streaming in realtime
Posted by on Jan 28th, 2013

By now you would have learned of Twitter’s Vine app which lets users create and share six-second clips on the social network. It launched last week and is quickly being adopted by people willing to… Read More »

Controversial new iPhone app that instantly searches for bikini pics of your Facebook friends
Posted by on Oct 30th, 2012

If you say you’ve never gone on Facebook and looked through the profiles of your female friends to see their bikini pics i will call you a liar. For those of you serious Facebook stalkers… Read More »

Russian guy invents insane CSI-like app that sharpens your heavily blurred images [pic]
Posted by on Oct 24th, 2012

Ya hey…how often have you watched a movie or tv series where the cops take a heavily blurred image of a bad guy’s face or get away car number plate and they tell the tech… Read More »

Use this app to quickly scan and block all your Twitter fake followers [pic]
Posted by on Aug 21st, 2012

On Friday i posted an article about the Twitter app that allows you to check which users have fake or inactive followers HERE. It caused plenty of drama in the SA twitter community and is… Read More »

US Republican canditate Mitt Romney can’t spell America…internet has a field day [pics]
Posted by on May 31st, 2012

Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign dreams are off to a fantastic start with his official iPhone app released on Tuesday failing to spell America correctly. The app allowed users to take a pic and… Read More »