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Tag: Adele
Listen to Adele’s Hello being sung in Zulu [video]
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2016

Quick musical interruption brought to you by the Zulu version of Adele’s Hello. It’s from April, but i only heard it yesterday and thought it was cool. Sung by Esperanca De Tavares and she didn’t… Read More »

Adele singing karaoke to her own songs in a car is brilliant – VIDEO
Posted by on Jan 15th, 2016

Adele already has the bragging right for being the most talented singer on the planet right now and there is no doubt she is vocally gifted. That aside though the thing that blows me away… Read More »

David Attenborough narrating Adele’s Hello [video]
Posted by on Nov 3rd, 2015

Who doesn’t love a David Attenborough narration hey. The BBC legend has applied his unique style to more than just wildlife and Adele is the latest to get the treatment. Here’s David Attenborough narrating Adele’s… Read More »

Adele just released a new song called Hello [video]
Posted by on Oct 23rd, 2015

The Friday morning music post today comes courtesy of Adele who has just released her first single in 3 years. The singer revealed the music video for Hello just moments ago. Here you go. Good… Read More »

Watch the full Adele Skyfall theme song with lyrics here [video]
Posted by on Oct 5th, 2012

Earlier in the week singer Adele posted a pic on Twitter of the sheetmusic for the new Bond film Skyfall and the following day a partial audio clip was leaked online and now finally the… Read More »

Adele’s new music video for Someone Like You [video]
Posted by on Oct 3rd, 2011

I know it’s not Friday so this music post is a tad early, but it’s such a quality song that i may as well throw it in today. Adele has released the official music video… Read More »