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Female powerlifter projectile vomits on judges during competition [video]
Posted by on Feb 11th, 2016

It’s not uncommon for powerlifters to vomit while lifting heavy weights and while it may be embarrassing some of them just take it as part of the game. None more so than this blonde athlete who projectile vomited on the judges, posted the video on Instagram and then owned it by making fun of herself.

female powerlifter

Brace yourself.

A video posted by @blondebeautybri on

She owned it though and later posted this pic.

female powerlifter meme

Well played.

The new Jungle Book trailer is here and it looks awesome [video]
Posted by on Feb 10th, 2016

Pretty much everyone knows the story of The Jungle Book and the remake of the movie is due out in April this year. A few months back there a teaser trailer was released, but over the weekend they revealed an extended official trailer and it looks awesome.

jungle book trailer

Check it.

Can’t wait.

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