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Category: The Baby Chronicles
The Baby Chronicles: 29 weeks 1 day..the natural caesar!
Posted by on Aug 7th, 2009

Ok… lots of debate and comments(16) surrounding last weeks post concerning circumcision (HERE)…seriously go look..some people wrote entire essays..not gonna say much since baby momma is cool with whatever but i am gonna give my favourite… Read More »

Why moms shouldn't do yoga!!
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2009

The baby mama from the Baby Chronicles (see categories) sent me this video and it made me feel all mushy inside..awesome!! There is some NSFW bits (replace the “b” with a “t” on that last… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 28 weeks 1 day..circumcision..say what?!
Posted by on Jul 31st, 2009

Baby momma back in Cape Town and it seems she brought some sunshine with her!Grab a cup of coffee coz im afraid this might be quite a lengthy post.Dad and myself went to pick up… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: 26 weeks 5 days..
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2009

Momma takes the plane tomorrow night and arrives back in Cape Town on Thursday evening.Her trip to Canada went by so quickly and Dad is really happy that he gets to see her +1 again.Some baby… Read More »

25 weeks 4 days..The Baby Chronicles: momma nearly back from Canada :)
Posted by on Jul 13th, 2009

I missed out on the 24 weeks update but blame the baby momma for not sending any pics!Its 25 weeks and 4 days now and its nearly time for the mom and little one to… Read More »

23 weeks 4 days..The Baby Chronicles
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2009

My apologies for not updating the baby chronicles earlier but ive been waiting for the baby momma to send me pictures from their adventures in Canada.No major baby momma drama to talk about really and the… Read More »

The Baby Chronicles: momma overseas..22 weeks 1 day
Posted by on Jun 19th, 2009

I told you last time that the momma and the little lion were headed to Canada to see family and friends and that dad was staying behind.I accompanied them to the airport(damn that place is… Read More »

Baby Chronicles..Baby Momma Drama!
Posted by on Jun 11th, 2009

21 weeks today..not actually some baby momma drama but one of my female friends  from the cape flats said i have to mention those words otherwise she will crush me with her boyfriend! As i mentioned last… Read More »

20 weeks 1 day..he's kicking!!!!!!
Posted by on Jun 5th, 2009

What perfect timing.Momma has reached the half way mark and on cue the little one decided to celebrate the occasion by doing some leg extensions!Look at that leg position..coiled and ready for a rattlesnake!)The… Read More »

Baby Chronicles..18 weeks 6 days..almost half way!
Posted by on May 27th, 2009

Nearly 19 weeks…half way is just around the corner!Been a while since i entered a baby chronicles post but nothing much has been happening so i had to wait till the momma sent me something… Read More »