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".still life" wins best window display
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2009

The 2009 Loerie Awards held in Cape Town over the weekend resulted in ad agency people taking over Long Street. Locals obliged by making the famous street even more colourful than it normally is. The theme… Read More »

3D Stereogram Tetris..retard alert!
Posted by on Sep 15th, 2009

Now here’s one those things that will make you a legend at the office..or make you feel like a complete retard.Some bright spark (not me) decided to get clever with the Tetris game and modified it… Read More »

Google Fast Flip
Posted by on Sep 15th, 2009

The boys over at Google have come up with yet another idea to make our lives easier by introducing Google Fast Flip today.The idea is pretty simple really and aims to reduce the amount of time required… Read More »

Reyjeane Salon & Spa: look great ..feel great.
Posted by on Sep 3rd, 2009

See now this is the kind of place Life is Savage loves to hear about.In a city with so many salons and spa’s i cant believe nobody has combined the two ideas to create a… Read More »

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept
Posted by on Sep 2nd, 2009

Life is Savage has always been a BMW fan..from way back in the day when we rocked out with our (insert male chicken here ) out in a box shape 325i (it was blue Chad)!… Read More »

Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show On Earth
Posted by on Aug 25th, 2009

“People who reject the theory of evolution should be placed on a level with Holocaust deniers”.. Holy momma…does this dude  know how to get peoples attention or what?? Here’s your intellectual food for the week.Richard Dawkins… Read More »

Simon Cowell says this is the "best audition ever":
Posted by on Aug 25th, 2009

Grumpy fart Simon Cowell is reknowed for being unimpressed by most contestants on talent shows but Danyl Johnson from X-Factor managed to get a smile,a clap and eventually a standing ovation from him. Simon said (ha)… Read More »

Porche Gemballa "Mistrale" Panamera..
Posted by on Aug 19th, 2009

Seems like Wednesday is turning into boys day what with all the testoterone floating around..well might as well roll with it then.. hey?! What do you recon..all the man beef in the house start making caveman noises and… Read More »

Tarantino's top 20 movies since 1992
Posted by on Aug 19th, 2009

Got bandwidth to spare?..or if you’re at work then just use your company internet..dont worry about your boss..just tell him to pull up a chair coz you are  checking out Life is Savage..he will understand… Read More »

District 9: Peter Jackson(Lord of the Rings) makes new alien movie set in Johannesburg..
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2009

Finally something Jo’burg can brag about!! Lord of the Rings architect,Peter Jackson, teemed up with South African, Neill Blomkamp to create District 9, a documentary-style movie of aliens(not the Zimbabwe kind..the from-another-planet kind) known as “prawns” that are… Read More »