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    Crazy Sea Point person leaving notes about killing a cat that comes into their apartment [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 15th, 2014

    Haven’t done a People Of Sea Point post in ages, but here’s one that we can file in the you-crazy-ass-weirdo-cat-killer category. Tenants in an apartment block near Milner Rd have recieved this note stuck on… Read More »

    Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 31/4/2014
    Posted by on Mar 31st, 2014

    Say hi to your newly crowned Miss South Africa 2014, Rolene Strauss. Told you she was gonna win [Miss SA] Greedy MPs demand more gravy. South Africa’s MPs have pushed through a massive travel benefit… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #8 – fully naked guy shaving his balls on his balcony [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 30th, 2013

    Just when i thought nobody in Sea Point would ever top the fully naked guy walking down Beach Road, we have this chap spotted doing some manscaping on his balcony in full view of everyone… Read More »

    People of Sea Point #7 – fully naked guy walking on Beach Rd [NSFW pic + video]
    Posted by on Apr 2nd, 2013

    Ya hey…we all know Sea Point, Cape Town is home to some out-there folks and i even dedicated a new blog category last year to those very people of Sea Point. It’s been a while… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #6 – the circus master [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 8th, 2012

    Havn’t done a People of Sea Point post in a while so here’s some new inductees spotted walking on the promenade. Two of them this time…one dressed as  a circus master and the other as… Read More »

    People of Sea Point #5 : the Borat mankini water fetcher [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 24th, 2012

    Time for another inductee into the People of Sea Point hall of fame and i have no idea what in the f**k today’s person was doing. Spotted wading in shallow water near the promenade in… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #4 : the pig walker [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 19th, 2012

    Couple of weeks back i started a new catergory on Life is Savage called the People of Sea Point. I see so many crazy things in the area that i felt i may as well… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #3 – gold chain with padlock guy [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 10th, 2012

    Ya hey..the interwebs are a tad dry today so i’m adding another People Of Sea Point post. If you didn’t read the intial post then let me school you quickly…I added a new category to… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #2 : guy spotted house hunting in a Speedo [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 6th, 2012

    I’m not sure if many of you saw my post late last night about starting a new category on Life is Savage called People Of Sea Point HERE. I decided that since i see so… Read More »

    People Of Sea Point #1 – crazy dude on the promenade [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 5th, 2012

    Ok so i’ve decided that the constant stream of absolute crazy i see along the promenade and the Sea Point area in general is in need of being shared on a regular basis in the… Read More »