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    Catfish and the Bottlemen – Cocoon live 2014 [video]
    Posted by on Sep 19th, 2014

    Rather busy today and missed the Friday morning music post so am throwing in a Friday afternoon music post instead. Never heard of this band before, but my mate Ryan just sent me a link… Read More »

    Mumford & Sons – The Cave live at Lewes 2013 [video]
    Posted by on Sep 12th, 2014

    Havn’t done a Friday morning music post in ages, but was listening to some bakground music and Mumford & Sons came up so i thought i’d throw this in. They’ve featured a few times before… Read More »

    The Script are coming to perform in South Africa in Feb 2015
    Posted by on Sep 12th, 2014

    Just heard Ryan O’Connor from 94.5 Kfm announce that Irish rock band, The Script, are headed to South Africa and will be performing  in Cape Town on the 4th Feb in the Grand Arena at… Read More »

    Rocking The Daisies 2014 full line-up [pic]
    Posted by on Sep 8th, 2014

    Ya..it’s been a couple of days without any new posts on Life is Savage while the website underwent some maintenance to fix a few issues and get rid of some gremlins, but all is good… Read More »

    The Lumineers are coming to tour SA in December
    Posted by on Jul 23rd, 2014

    Hold on to your hipster because here’s a little sneaky public service announcement for you music lovers. The Lumineers are coming to tour SA in December. Cape Town on the 4th and Joburg on the… Read More »

    Foo Fighters are finally coming to tour SA in December 2014…here’s details
    Posted by on Jun 24th, 2014

    Right if you hadn’t already noticed…things are rather slow on Life is Savage this week due to me being in the Kruger Park till Thursday. I’ve tried to throw in a post here and there,… Read More »

    OK Go have a new music video out and it’s filled with optical illusions [video]
    Posted by on Jun 18th, 2014

    You know who OK Go are right? The band famous for making amazing music videos starting wth the epic treadmill dancing one back in 2006. They then released a video based on a complicated Rube… Read More »

    Die Antwoord release gory new music video called Pitbull Terrier [video]
    Posted by on May 21st, 2014

    Die Antwoord havn’t released a controversial music video for a while, but this new one for their single Pitbull Terrier is bound to get people talking. It’s their usual bizarre stuff only more gruesome with… Read More »

    Friday morning music post: Shaun Jacobs – Love Can [video]
    Posted by on May 16th, 2014

    Ok so havn’t done a Friday morning music post in ages, but i was at a wedding recently and this was on the CD they handed out to every guest. The mixed CD had a… Read More »

    PSA: buy 1 Eminem ticket for CT concert and get an extra one free
    Posted by on Feb 24th, 2014

    Right..2 days left till Eminem kicks off his Rapture Tour 2014 in Cape Town and if you still havn’t scored a ticket yet then now’s your chance to get 2 for the price of 1.… Read More »