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    David Guetta and Martin Garrix will headline ULTRA SA 2017
    Posted by on Aug 30th, 2016

    Ultra SA returns in February 2017 and two of the world’s best DJ’s will be headlining the event on the 24th Feb in Cape Town and 25th Feb in Johannesburg. Superstar DJ David Guetta will… Read More »

    World’s most expensive house now on sale…for just R16 billion [PIC]
    Posted by on Aug 26th, 2016

    Remember the most expensive house ever sold in South Africa recently for R290 million HERE? Well let’s put things into perspective shall we and compare it to the most expensive residential property in the world… Read More »

    The greatest number plate a South African could see in Canada [PIC]
    Posted by on Aug 26th, 2016

    As most of you will know i’ve been in Canada for the past two weeks hence the lack of posts on lifeissavage.com, but i’m finally home and once the jetlag wears off things should be… Read More »

    Forget lions, a fully grown tiger was roaming Pretoria streets [VIDEO]
    Posted by on Aug 15th, 2016

    We all know that South Africans get a kick out of foreigners assuming wild lions or leopards roam our streets and every so often they are correct like HERE, but it’s not every day you… Read More »

    Watch Wayde Van Niekerk win Olympic gold in the 400m, breaks world record [VIDEO]
    Posted by on Aug 15th, 2016

    You’ll struggle to find a more proudly South African moment in recent memory than Wayde Van Niekerk winning the Olympic gold medal in the 400 meters and smashing the world record in the process. The… Read More »

    Dude letting his girlfriend fall off a cliff is dividing the internet [video]
    Posted by on Aug 5th, 2016

    We’ve had a few videos over the years that have proper divided the internet…like the blue/black or white/gold dress and this week saw another emerge that is being hotly debated. The full context is unclear,… Read More »

    The FAIL compilation for July 2016 is here [video]
    Posted by on Aug 4th, 2016

    On Monday we had the People Are Awesome – Best of 2016 so far compilation HERE, so of course it is our duty to balance the universe and show you a fail compilation. A collection… Read More »

    US health department drops flossing from dental guidelines
    Posted by on Aug 4th, 2016

    For as long as i can remember everyone from my mom, to dentists, to health departments have always said daily flossing must be part of your daily oral hygiene habits if you want to avoid… Read More »

    Uber SA is giving riders R30 off to all trips to and from voting stations on Election Day
    Posted by on Aug 2nd, 2016

    Tomorrow is Election Day in South Africa and needless to say your vote is essential. Best you make it to your nearest voting area and to help you get there Uber SA is offering R30… Read More »

    People Are Awesome – Best of 2016 So Far [VIDEO]
    Posted by on Aug 1st, 2016

    We’re past the half way mark for 2016 and the People Are Awesome guys have put together a best of the year so far compilation which is perfect for some Monday motivation. 7 min of… Read More »