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    Cape Town has a big invasive wasp problem [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 28th, 2016

    If you’ve ever been to Europe or the US during summer you will no doubt have noticed the very common yellow and black wasps. I never saw them growing up in Cape Town, but over… Read More »

    SA consumers warned of 50% increase in price of red meat
    Posted by on Apr 28th, 2016

    The Rand may have strengthened for now, but if you love red meat then brace yourself because economists are warning that SA consumers can expect at LEAST a 50% increase in the price of red… Read More »

    Fikile Mbalula has revoked the rights for SARU and Cricket SA to host international tournaments
    Posted by on Apr 25th, 2016

    UPDATE: Mbalula’s decision to ban bidding for international tournaments has cast serious doubt on South Africa hosting the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Bidding for the tournament opens next month and a decision on host countries… Read More »

    100 km/h winds and 8 m swell expected in Cape Town tomorrow [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 21st, 2016

    If ever there was a day to exclaim ‘winter is coming’ in Cape Town then today would be pretty good day to do so because the weather for tomorrow is off the charts. It’s no… Read More »

    Forensic experts claim Oscar Pistorius hit Reeva Steenkamp with the cricket bat before she died [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 21st, 2016

    In June 2016 Oscar Pistorius will know the outcome of his sentence when courts decide how long he will spend in jail for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. In the meantime though two forensic analysts… Read More »

    This R3800 plain yellow DHL t-shirt has turned the fashion world upside down [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 20th, 2016

    If i told you that a plain bright yellow DHL branded t-shirt you get if you work there is worth R3800 you will most likely think i’m taking you for a ride, but the fashion… Read More »

    Awkward Cell C ad banner next to article about Cell C CEO’s ‘b*tch switch’ comment [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 20th, 2016

    Awkward display ad banner placement of the day. That is on the iol website. For the story on what Cell C CEO said yesterday click HERE.

    Conor McGregor says he’s retiring, UFC pulls him from rematch with Nate Diaz
    Posted by on Apr 20th, 2016

    Controversial Irish fighter, Conor McGregor, threw MMA fans into a frenzy yesterday after tweeting that he is retiring. Soon after the UFC released a statement that McGregor will no longer be fighting a re-match with… Read More »

    CEO of Cell C slammed for comments about women in the workplace
    Posted by on Apr 20th, 2016

    CEO of Cell C, Jose Dos Santos, was slammed yesterday for comments he made about women during an interview on cliffcentral.com. Dos Santos was talking about leadership and while he did say he would like… Read More »

    SA pastor who took photos of heaven is now blessing underwear [video]
    Posted by on Apr 19th, 2016

    Remember that pastor who said he went to heaven on Easter and took photos while he was there. Apparently he was selling the pictures for R5000 on Facebook, but then later claimed he lost the… Read More »