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    Sign the Uber Cape Town petition asking the city to give Uber drivers operating permits…over 16 000 already have
    Posted by on Jul 3rd, 2015

    If you’re a regular Uber user then you will no doubt have heard that Uber in Cape Town has been battling with the city to get it’s drive-partners proper operating permits. Regulation in the Western… Read More »

    Here’s Jeremy Clarkson making the Oscar Pistorius joke at Top Gear Live in Johannesburg [video]
    Posted by on Jun 30th, 2015

    It’s been a good few days that Jeremy Clarkson and his pals finished doing the Top Gear Live show in Johannesburg and you may have read that there was drama with them making a few… Read More »

    Recovered alcoholic PJ Powers not happy with TOPS liquor store allegedly using her name to market booze
    Posted by on Jun 22nd, 2015

    Marketing fail of the day belongs to a TOPS liquor store who clearly didn’t think things through for a marketing campaign using the words ‘PJ POWERS‘ to promote the sale of alcohol. You see PJ… Read More »

    21yr old shooter who killed 9 people in the US pictured wearing apartheid-era SA flag
    Posted by on Jun 19th, 2015

    As if South Africa hasn’t got enough bad press recently we now have the rest of the world wondering why a 21yr old that shot 9 people in a church in the US is pictured… Read More »

    Private school in SA seperating black and white kids into different buses [video]
    Posted by on Jun 18th, 2015

    Back in February this year the Curro Foundation School in Roodeplaat, Pretoria was accused of racial segregation where young children were placed in different classes based on race. A later investigation found the school guilty… Read More »

    Highlights of all the dumb stuff Donald Trump said during his running for president announcement [video]
    Posted by on Jun 17th, 2015

    So yesterday Donald Trump announced he is running for US President in the 2016 election and as expected he mouthfarted his way though a 50 min speech. Not since the glory days of George W… Read More »

    Picasso painting breaks world record for most expensive artwork sold at auction
    Posted by on Jun 10th, 2015

    And in other the-world-is-not-right news…someone paid R2.2 billion (yes BILLION) for a Picasso painting which has set the record for most expensive artwork sold at auction. The Women of Algiers by Picasso sold by Christies… Read More »

    Fifa’s Jack Warner accused of diverting R9.3 million meant for Haiti earthquake victims
    Posted by on Jun 10th, 2015

    Fifa ex-vice president, Jack Warner, has already been accused of corruption and now you can add world-class douchebag to the list after allegations from the US justice department claim that he diverted $750 000 in… Read More »

    SA prison officials recommend Pistorius be released on Aug 21
    Posted by on Jun 8th, 2015

    Well that didn’t take very long did it. Just 8 months after he was sent to jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp, South African prison officials have recommended that Oscar Pistorius be released from prison on… Read More »

    Texas police officer filmed manhandling teenage girl and pulling his gun [video]
    Posted by on Jun 8th, 2015

    Police in the US have have been having a terrible time in the media recently and the latest incident doesn’t help their cause hey.  A Texas officer has been suspended after he was filmed using… Read More »