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    Here’s ALL the hacked celebrities involved in the massive nude pic leak
    Posted by on Sep 1st, 2014

    The interwebs exploded yesterday after an anonymous hacker posted nude images of dozens of A-list Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Lea Michele and Brie Larson (ok i have no idea who… Read More »

    Marketing fail – Hershey’s new logo looks like a steaming pile of poo [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 29th, 2014

    Today’s lesson in marketing fails (or win depending on how you look at it really) comes courtesy of Hershey’s, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. When creating a new company logo, try not to… Read More »

    Hello Kitty is not actually a cat, but a little girl the company says
    Posted by on Aug 29th, 2014

    Thousands of Hello Kitty fans lost their sh*t yesterday when the company that makes the iconic merchandise said that it isn’t actually a cat, but a little British girl who’s real name is Kitty White.… Read More »

    Magician Dynamo slammed for latest levitation stunt after onlookers spot wires [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 28th, 2014

    Real magic my ass. World famous magician, Dynamo, was in London filming his new show recently and got some serious flack from bystanders when he ‘levitated’ between the pointed towers of the London Shard. Onlookers… Read More »

    Awkward ad position next to Ice Bucket Challenge article on local news site [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 28th, 2014

    Yes i know i keep saying i’m not gonna post any more ALS ice bucket challenge articles, but here’s another one i spotted this morning and it puts the whole doing good for charity but… Read More »

    Vogue model, Roosmarijn de Kok, arrested for stealing chocolate bars [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 27th, 2014

    Only reason i’m posting this is as a protest and a petition that intead of arresting her the shop in question should drop all the charges and give the girl all the damn chocolate she… Read More »

    Here’s Malema taking on Zuma, asking for the Nkandla money and getting thrown out of parliament [video]
    Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2014

    Julius Malema disrupted proceedings at the National Assembly yesterday and after heated arguments about Nkandla, things eventually ended with President Zuma walking out as EFF members shouted ‘pay back the money’. The speaker of the… Read More »

    Ian Botham just Tweeted this penis pic and immediately deleted it [screenshot]
    Posted by on Aug 18th, 2014

    Quick little social media fail for you…former England test cricketer Sir Ian Botham just posted a pic on Twitter of a naked man and then immediately deleted it. Of course a mate of mine got… Read More »

    CCTV captures armed gang blowing up safe and robbing petrol station in Centurion [video]
    Posted by on Aug 14th, 2014

    Two similar armed robberies took place over the weekend in Centurion and one was entirely captured on security cameras where 5 heavily armed men stormed  a petrol station, blew up a safe with explosives and… Read More »

    Controversy as deputy head boy of top Jewish school poses with Palestinian scarf opposing human rights violations [pic]
    Posted by on Aug 11th, 2014

    An online petition calling for the removal of Joshua Broomberg, the deputy headboy of King David Victory Park School in Johannesburg, has already recieved over a thousand signatures after a photo of him wearing a… Read More »