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    Teens attacked by mob at KZN petrol station while SA cops look on [video]
    Posted by on Mar 24th, 2015

    Yes of course this video is bound to draw out the race card, but details are unclear so let’s not jump to conclusions hey. According to the Zululand Observer, a group of teens was attacked… Read More »

    The SA petrol price is going up by as much as R2 a litre in April
    Posted by on Mar 18th, 2015

    Yes you read that correctly…petrol in South Africa may go up by as much as R2 a litre in April, the single largest price jump in history. This comes right after a 96c/l price rise… Read More »

    Hey SA brands…in a month you’ll be able to register for your .sucks domain name
    Posted by on Mar 16th, 2015

    We are all familiar with .com and .co.za domain names, but a month from now you will be able to register for the controversial .sucks domain. As in www.eskom.sucks or www.zuma.sucks for example. They are… Read More »

    SA born cyclist crashes after spectator grabs handlebars during sprint [video]
    Posted by on Mar 13th, 2015

    It’s rare to see spectators deliberately interfere with professional sporting events, but that’s exactly what appears to happen from footage of a cycling race in the Netherlands recently during the finish line sprint where South… Read More »

    Joburg couple move to US and open several restaurants copying SA brands [pics]
    Posted by on Mar 13th, 2015

    Ya hey…it’s not uncommon to find knock-off clothing coming from China where famous brands are copied with not-so-subtle name changes hey, but it doesn’t happen in the restaurant business very often. Well leave it to… Read More »

    SABC journalist mugged during live news interview [video]
    Posted by on Mar 10th, 2015

    If ever there was a case to be made for criminals in South Africa not giving a damn then this bit of footage will surely end up as evidence. SABC journalist, Vuyo Mvoko, was preparing… Read More »

    2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour shortened to just 47km due to fires [map]
    Posted by on Mar 5th, 2015

    The devasting fires that have affected Cape Town over the past few days has led to the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour being shortened to just 47 km and cutting out the much loved Chapman’s… Read More »

    Here’s drone footage of the damage caused by the devastating Cape Town fires [video]
    Posted by on Mar 4th, 2015

    When the devastating fires started in Cape Town a few days ago i asked on social media if anyone has drone footage and the replies were a very obvious “it’s too windy to fly and… Read More »

    SanDisk have a made a 200GB microSD card
    Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2015

    Ya hey…remember the days when microSD cards came out in 32 and 64MB? Yes that’s megabytes. Then came 128MB cards and you got all excited coz you could save lank pictures. Well these days a… Read More »

    Durban Top Gear Festival cancelled…event moved to Joburg
    Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2015

    And in other non-Cape Town news the Top Gear Festival in Durban has been cancelled and will now be held in Johannesburg. Apparently Durbs doesn’t have the funds to host the popular festival. Chief operations… Read More »