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Hout Bay resident slammed after racist Facebook post saying ‘they like stupid animals’ [pic]
Posted by on Dec 5th, 2016

The shame award for most racist social media post in South Africa for 2016 is back up for grabs after a Hout Bay resident was slammed for her Facebook rant over the weekend. For pretty much the entire year Penny Sparrow HERE had it in the bag after calling black people monkeys just after New Years, but Vanessa Hartley from Hout Bay may well have sneaked in to take the title with her post saying “They like stupid animals. We should tie them to a rope. To many Africans flocking to Hout Bay. Draw up a petition. Soon there will be nothing left of Hout Bay.”

vanessa hartley

And her response when two of her Facebook friends called her on it.

“I don’t see that stating there mere term ‘African’ as racist!!! What has become of freedom of speech?? Why do you have to go down this road!!”

Oh dear.

The ANC will lay a complaint of racism with the Human Rights Commission.

“Vanessa Hartley, a resident of Hout Bay, has written an offensive Facebook post which says ‘They are like stupid animals. We should tie them to a rope. Too many Africans flocking to Hout Bay. Draw up a petition. Soon there will be nothing left of Hout Bay’,” the ANC said on Sunday.” [iol]

Now you know.

UPDATE: she has issued an apology. Said she left her phone at a bar and someone posted that on her profile thinking it was funny.

hout bay racist apology

[thanks Chris]

Jen2Oh says:
December 12, 2016 at 6:55 am

Seems legit and I believe her. I hope that this can end now.

Doug says:
December 12, 2016 at 6:55 am

The world is always going to have people that have racist views and those that take offense to racist views.

As is there going to be ones interpretation of what views qualify as racist and what do not.

My misquote of Morgan Freemen goes along the lines of.

“Want to end racism, then stop calling me black and I will stop calling you white”.

Done deal? But not so easy,

This sort of story is perpetuated in media creating the false impression that all whites are racist and guilty of racism by association. What is however painfully obvious tho is that ostracising the extremists serves nobody. They are still going to do what they do, right or wrong, apologetic or not.

It takes a stronger person to mindfully NOT react and to just move on, understanding that NOT ALL people think this way.

It is the minority which is why it is such hot news.

Singling Hout Bay residents further “pigeonholes” and stereotypes a small community that has some very real problems of disparity.

Crime, drugs, poverty, ineffective policing is rampant in the picturesque utopia and the Hout Bay where Eloi are frequently targeted. Hout Bay’s problems run deep and consequentially there is a backlash of racial dissention among the ranks.

The real story of Hout Bay should not be this tho. There is a broken community there that is in desperate need of upliftment.

In many ways Hout Bay’s problems are a real a microcosm of the rest of South Africa (racists and all), the rectification of which is a tricky subject but a great opportunity to meaningfully breakthrough in this community could well be the blueprint on how to fix the rest of this countries mess left in the wake of apartheid and the ANC’s rule of corruption.

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