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Jeremy Clarkson made fun of Zuma’s counting on episode 2 of The Grand Tour [video]
Posted by on Nov 30th, 2016

So episode 2 of The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond aired last Friday on Amazon Prime and if you didn’t already know it was partly filmed in South Africa at the Cradle of Mankind near Johannesburg. Several noteworthy moments in the episode including a box-shaped BMW doing donuts with a dude standing on the roof in front of a crowd (of course) and also Clarkson making fun of Jacob Zuma’s counting and his firepool.

Needless to say the audience went nuts when Clarkson had a stab at Zuma’s outstanding counting skills.

clarkson zuma

Here’s footage of the Zuma references.

[via Peter Hudson]

And if you missed the trailer with the dude doing donuts in Joburg then here.

grand tour 2 joburg

Good times.

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