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If you love SA rugby then this guy’s impression of Hugh Bladen, Joel Stransky and P Divvy is golden [video]
Posted by on Nov 29th, 2016

He has been around for years now, but if you somehow havn’t seen this guy’s impression of iconic South African rugby commentator Hugh Bladen then do yourself a favour and press play because it will blow you away. For those of you have seen him (probably on a WhatsApp group or on the Offides Youtube channel) you may want to catch up on his latest uncensored Hugh Bladen impression since the Springboks started playing such rubbish rugby. Especially once he’s had a few drinks and starts swearing. He even throws in a very good Joel Stransky and Peter de Villiers impression.

It’s the Hugh Bladen impression though that is just phenomenal.

hugh bladen impression 1

Warning: he swears so you may want to put earphones in if you’re at the office.

And here’s another bonus video from August.

World class.

Go follow him @SaltySnollie and tell him i’m still slow clapping.

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