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The mind-blowing numbers behind Zuma’s last 5 years in power…like R293.5 BILLION unaccounted for
Posted by on Nov 2nd, 2016

So we all know that President Jacob Zuma is receiving widespread disapproval not only from ordinary South Africans, but also from members of parliament, ANC veterans, members of his own party and even previously loyal unions who are calling for him to step down amidst allegations of state capture etc. I’m sure you can list a whole bunch of reasons why Zuma needs to go, but i bet you didn’t really know the extent of what has occurred during his last 5 years in power in terms of government misspending and disciplinary action brought against government officials.

The Rand Daily Mail has put together some figures that will blow your mind.

For starters…the R293.5 billion that’s unaccounted for. And that’s the low ball figure without adjusting for changes in purchasing power over the past 5 years. The value in today’s terms would be closer to R500 billion according to the RDM.


And where did the Rand Daily Mail get these numbers…from figures made available by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Anti-Corruption Task Team (ACTT), the Governance and Administration cluster and the AG.

“Out of the total R293.5 billion misspent, approximately R50.7 billion (17%) should have been recovered (including R398 million from docked pay); meanwhile, the NPA recovered R3 billion on average over the same period. 1 972 officials should have been convicted for high priority offences. In reality, over the same period, on average: 110 government officials were convicted for high priority offences valued at R5 million or more; 688 government officials were convicted of offences valued at less than R5 million. And while 94 745 government officials should have been dismissed, fined, demoted and received final warnings stemming from to the government’s anti-corruption hotline; only 1 324 officials faced disciplinary action.” [Rand Daily Mail]

And let’s not even get into the anti-corruption task team Zuma created in 2010.

Go read the full article HERE.

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