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New local app Wazupa connects people who love to eat with people who love to cook
Posted by on Oct 28th, 2016

On-demand food delivery apps are all the rage right now, but this new local one is making waves and if you’re an aspiring chef or think your cooking skills are good enough to turn it into a food business then pay attention because this is tailored made for you. Wazupa basically connects people who love to eat with people who love to cook. You choose to sign up as a ‘Home Chef’ or a ‘Grazer’ and use the platform to either sell your food or buy food from nearby chefs. The app uses a rating system for each chef and is available nationwide.

Home Chefs simply create a profile and then set out menu items by photographing and pricing their best dishes.

Grazers can get delicious, quality home-prepared food by going onto the app and checking what each Home Chef has available. They can select, order, decide to collect or request delivery and make payment.


Wazupa has already activated 500 chefs and more than 1300 grazers. Over 2000 menu items have been loaded.

You can order any food type from banting to dairy free, Asian to seafood, halaal, kosher or vegetarian. There are even su-categories so you can get really specific.

Lance Baum, CEO of Wazupa explains his inspiration for this local innovation. “When my wife had a baby, our friends used to drop off home cooked meals. I found it so exciting to try someone else’s delicious food in my own home. I realised that it’s also a tremendous opportunity to help people to do what they love and be able to earn a secondary income from it. People want to eat healthier, and we can help remove the guilt of junk takeaways, as many of us are just too busy. Wazupa can help get families around the table at meal times again.”

Very clever.

Wazupa is available in app stores for iPhone and for Android or online at

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