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Did you see the #feesmustfall protester fall off a police Nyala vehicle outside parliament [VIDEO]
Posted by on Oct 28th, 2016

While Pravin Gordhan was delivering his mid-term budget speech the other day several students clashed with police outside parliament. Once again there is lots of debate as to who is to blame etc. and whether the police are justified in using tear gas and other measures to disperse the crowd. Anyways…this video is doing the rounds on social media and shows several protesters on a police Nyala vehicle when it brakes and sends one of them who was standing flying off the roof into the tarmac. The Nyala then moves forward and nearly runs him over before he is pulled away.

student falls off nyala

Here’s the footage via Times LIVE.

Nyala’s fault for deliberately breaking sharply or the student standing on the roof of a moving vehicle?

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