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Lonely Planet names Cape Town as 2nd best city in the world to travel to in 2017
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2016

When people ask why you choose to live in Cape Town just casually throw out the numerous best city in the world accolades it has collected over the years. Even if they don’t take your word for it you can at least say that the most respected travel publications and writers in the world are in agreement that Cape Town is one of the best destinations on earth and you can use the latest Lonely Planet Best in Travel Awards 2017 which were released yesterday as a reference. Cape Town was named as the 2nd best city in the world to travel to in 2017.

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world by the way.

best city 2017 CT

‘Deceptively laid-back folk’. Excellent description.

Cape Town was narrowly beaten by Bordeaux in France and Los Angeles came in 3rd place.

Good times.

The Lonely Planet Travel Awards 2017 also includes best country, best region and best value for money destinations…to check all the lists click HERE.

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