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BA and Kulula will kick you off SA flights if you take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard
Posted by on Oct 25th, 2016

Heads up to frequent flyers across South Africa. You will be offloaded from British Airways and Kulula flights if you take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard. The device which was recalled by Samsung after several cases of the battery overheating and causing a fire were reported. Last week South African Airways (SAA) announced the smartphone was banned from their flight and now Comair has also stated that you can’t take it with you on their flights. Not on you, on your carry on luggage or your checked-in bag.

comair bans samsung note 7

This from Comair CEO Erik Venter.

“Customers boarding British Airways (operated by Comair) or flights will be asked at check-in and when boarding doors close, whether they’re carrying the device, and if so, they’ll be offloaded from the flight.

“Before the aircraft’s doors are closed, customers will be asked to identify themselves to the crew if they’re carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and will be offloaded from the flight.” [iol]

Now you know.

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