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Ryder Cup golfer invites heckler to do better and he sinks the putt like a boss [video]
Posted by on Sep 30th, 2016

There’s always that one guy in the crowd at sports events that just won’t shut his mouth and stop heckling the professional players. They could never do what the pro’s can so they just throw out comments in a bid to distract them…except for the guy at the Ryder Cup recently who got called out in front of the crowd to see if he could do better and of course he drained the putt like a boss. Golf fan David Johnson was watching the professional golfers during a practise round for the Ryder Cup when British Open champion Henrik Stenson heard him heckle “you can’t make that putt”. Stenson then called him to come onto the green and see if he could make the putt.

Stenson’s playing partner then dropped a $100 note next to the ball to make it interesting.

heckler sinks putt

Here’s the footage.

Nailed it.

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