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2 min highlight reel of the first Presidential debate between Hillary and Trump [VIDEO]
Posted by on Sep 27th, 2016

So yesterday was the first US Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and if you didn’t manage to catch the 2 hour plus televised special then here’s a quick 2 min highlight video of the best parts. Perfect to get enough info so you’re not clueless at the office when some asks what you thought of it.

From what i can tell it seems like the media is leaning towards Clinton winning the debate which covered everything from race relations, police shootings, tax plans, jobs, blah blah blah just watch.

2016 presidential debate

Here you go.

As must as most people think Trump is batsh*t there’s also the fun fact that 11% of the US believe Hillary to be an honest person while 14% of the US believe in Bigfoot.


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