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Cape Town restaurant gets slammed for offensive chalkboard message [pic]
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2016

You’d think that in the social media age people would be a tad more aware of publically broadcasting anything remotely racist, sexist or offensive, but noooooooo they still put stuff out there and wonder why they get slammed on social media. Latest brand getting hauled over the coals is a restaurant on Kloof Street in Cape Town that thought it was a great idea to create a chalkboard message with the aim of being funny and hopefully attracting customers. Well the message had the exact opposite effect and now they’ve been reported to the Human Rights Commission.

And the chalkboard message they went with…

chalkboard sign

Needless to say there were many who didn’t find that the least bit amusing.

The restaurant in question is reportedly Liquorice & Lime and owner Dylan Pritchard responded on Facebook with the following:

chalkboard sign apology

According to IOL “The commission’s spokeswoman, Gail Smith, said the complaint had been laid on Monday, adding that they were busy processing the complaint.”

Now you know.

[image via @uzmasafiya]

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