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Footage of massive 9 yr old rugby player going beast mode goes viral [video]
Posted by on Sep 13th, 2016

If you’ve ever played rugby then think back to when you were 9 years old and picture the biggest kid you’ve ever played against. There was always that one kid who was much bigger than everyone else and just ran through the team, but i bet he never came close to 9 year old Meaalofa Te’o who pretty much dominated a recent tournament in Canberra. Footage of the unstoppable rugby phenomenon has gone viral and you need to see him going beast mode.

9 year old beast

9 year old wrecking ball.

All the other parents – ‘Can we get a copy of his birth certificate please’.

His coaches team talk before the game – ‘Guys…just give the ball to Meaalofa. Kay thanks that’s it’.

“Meaalofa Te’o is a Victorian freak of a talent who is loving his rugby league and has just single-handedly won a trophy for his side after making a trip up to Canberra for a gala day and absolutely dominating it.” [Fox Sports]

Good times.

[thanks Henk]

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