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Zuma has paid back the money for Nkandla
Posted by on Sep 12th, 2016

Surprise announcement of the day comes from the South African National Treasury who said today that Jacob Zuma has paid back the money for the non-security features at his Nkandla estate. Zuma apparently paid back R7.8 million for his firepool, amphitheatre and the kraal ‘upgrades’.

zuma never pay more

“We can confirm as the National Treasury that the payment has been received,” a spokeswoman for the Treasury said.”
“The Presidency confirmed that Zuma had paid over the amount of R7,814,155, raised through a home loan obtained from VBS Mutual Bank on its standard terms.” [Times LIVE]

No you are not dreaming.

mick says:
September 09, 2016 at 2:29 pm

IIRC this was the guy who was almost bankrupt when he moved into office.
Now he casually pays a R7m (unexpected????) repayment.

That is more than he could make in a lifetime of HONEST work.

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