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The Internet of Things explained in an infographic
Posted by on Sep 8th, 2016

You know what the Internet of Things is right? Well it isn’t just ‘things on the internet’ like someone thought at a discussion i had today. I won’t mention any names Tracey. If you didn’t know then best you educate yourself because they are saying it may be bigger than the industrial revolution. It has already started and is basically the way internet- connected objects in our daily lives communicate with each other. It’s a pretty big industry and a quick look at the numbers will show you just how big…in the next 10 years the early investers will see a return of $13 trillion. Yes trillion.

Anyways…nothing like a little infographic to explain it better so you get up to spped and don’t look like a chop when folks at a meeting starting talking about it.


If you can’t make that out then head on over to the original size at Business Insider HERE.

Now you know.

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